Picture of Patrik Kastner

Patrik Kastner

Patrik graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Charles University in Prague and is a member of the Czech Bar Association and a Registered European lawyer in the Slovak Bar Association. Patrik specializes in Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, General Commercial law and Real Estate. The areas of his legal practice include regulation of medicines, medical devices, advertising rules, general commercial and contractual work, real estate law, anti-bribery regulations, compliance, data protection and privacy law. Patrik is a long-term member and currently the Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry (AIFP) in the Czech Republic which is a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). Patrik is currently a member of EFPIA Codes Committee and E&CC working groups seated in Brussels. Patrik is a pro bono legal counsel to the reputable association „Life 90“ which provides social and other services to senior citizens. Patrik is fluent in Czech and English and has basic knowledge of Russian.

Picture of Igor Pieš

Igor Pieš

Igor specializes on pharmaceutical industry, marketing and IT. The areas of his expertise include regulation of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and general commercial and contractual agenda, compliance and data protection. He has broad experience in leading negotiations with vendors, influencers and commercial partners, complex legal advisory on project basis (e.g. implementation of GDPR and setup of holding structures) as well as daily advisory. He advises private clientele in the area of white-collar criminal law and family law. Igor lectures pharmaceutical law in LL.M. program focused on legal regulation of healthcare with the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague and he regularly providers lectures on current topics for pharma industry. He speaks Czech, Slovak and English.

Picture of Aneta Dostálová

Aneta Dostálová

Aneta specializes in healthcare matters, data protection and privacy law, administrative law, advertising regulations and compliance with ethical standards in pharmaceutical industry. Aneta advises numerous clients in relation to pharmaceuticals and medical devices law, including regulatory law issues, pricing & reimbursement, marketing and advertising projects, as well as on administrative law procedures with respect to the various Czech authorities (including the State Institute for Drug Control and the Ministry of Healthcare). Aneta has also advised many clients in relation to general contractual law and GDPR implementation. Aneta is currently seconded in compliance department with a major pharmaceutical company. She speaks Czech and English.

Picture of Kristýna Černá

Kristýna Černá

Kristýna specializes on advising clients in pharmaceutical industry, contractual and data protection law. She also has experience with family law matters. Kristýna advises clients, mostly international companies, on regulation of the prescription only and over-the-counter medicines and medical devices, on general contractual agenda, promotional and non-promotional projects and has extensive experience with compliance and ethical matters of the pharmaceutical company. Kristýna has also experience with the data protection law, she is involved in the overall concept of tailoring internal rules with regard to GDPR implementation. Areas of her legal practice include family law, such as divorce proceedings, proceedings relating to the custody of minors and negotiating agreements in these matters. She speaks Czech and English.

Picture of Tomáš Lazár

Tomáš Lazár

Tomáš specializes in commercial and corporate law matters and focuses on pharma and medical devices sector as well as on innovative companies. He has significant experience corporate governance, project management and distribution matters. Tomáš is a Slovak-native speaker and he is fluent in Czech and English.