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Our firm has been started with a concrete vision of how we want to cooperate with our client to allows to be not only their advisors but also partners in their business. We want to help real people with particular assignments and help them in their work. We know your business and we know what problems you have or what problems you may face. We focus on healthcare, real estate, service providers and innovative business, which includes particularly IT companies and startups as well as marketing and PR agencies and private clientele recruited from managers and entrepreneurs. We know exactly what you need to know in these industries and we know how you need to learn about it.


Team of Kastner & Pieš

Our services and our firm’s business is a result of team work. Our clients always have one dedicated lawyer who knows their situation and can help them even over the phone. Most of all assignments is, however, processed by the legal team to ensure that clients get our outputs as soon as possible and in the best quality. All our outputs are reviewed by the second pair of eyes for us to provide a client with the possible advice or output. Team work is not a motto, it is our standard.

Complete team

Picture of Patrik Kastner

Patrik Kastner

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Igor Pieš


6. Oct
The Amendment to the Labour Code has entered into force

The Amendment to the Labour Code has entered into force

  We would like to inform you that, on 26 June 2020, an amendment to the Labour Code (Act No.262/2006 Coll.) entered into force. The aim of this amendment was primarily (I) to simplify the implementation of several rights of an employer and an employee during the performance of work (in particular, by amending the …
14. Nov
Kastner & Pieš is a new member of Biolaw association

Kastner & Pieš is a new member of Biolaw association

We are pleased to announce that as of 1st November 2019, we became members of Biolaw association, which associates independent law firms with focus on life sciences industry regulation. Our membership expands our existing network of corresponding law firms and allows our clients to obtain experienced legal support in more countries. We usually reach out …


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We would like to inform our clients - consumers (individuals that do not act in the scope of their business or their as entrepreneurs), that the legal relationship that is based on an Agreement on Provision of Legal Services executed between our firm and a client, falls under provisions of Act No. 534/1992 Sb., Consumer Protection Act, as amended. In accordance with obligations under this Act we would like to inform clients, that in case of a dispute between an attorney and a client arising from the Agreement on Provision of Legal Services, the client is entitled to approach an alternative dispute resolution body, which in this case is the Czech Bar Association -